Life Member Acceptance Guidelines 

* Making contributions to the club for 25 years, not necessarily continuous. Work for other hockey-related organisations (eg Canterbury Hockey or Hockey NZ) could contribute to a nomination, in particular where that outside involvement promoted or advanced the aims of the club. One option - but not absolutely necessary - to assist in ensuring no hasty nominations, would be the award of a 20 year (silver) CHA Service Award, then for the nominee to have contributed another 5 years service on top of that, assuming the total service for that award was for HSOB/Burnside or promoting and advancing the aims of our club.

* Any club member who has restricted his/her involvement to solely being a player within the club would need 35 years playing for club teams.

* Outstanding sporting achievements at international level, for which the mana of the person enhances the profile of the club.

* Committee discretion: Various criteria, but mindful of all of the above eg. an exceptional contribution (extremely generous) donating perhaps clubrooms, or a turf - and even in this example, 5-10 years club involvement would still be needed to assess the suitability and integrity of the person concerned.

All the above assume an unblemished record with the club, and if applicable, Canterbury Hockey and Hockey NZ, and that the person is of reasonable standing in the (hockey) community.