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HSOB Prizegiving 2013


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Team Awards




Waikato Goodwill Cup, 1956

Most improved player, Premier men

Sam Fitzgerald


R R (Doc) Bailey Memorial Trophy, 1997

Player of the year, Premier men

Scott Gread


Golden Stick CPL Men

Most goals, CPL Men

Grant Fortune (13)


Dorothy Mouat Cup, 1993

Team commitment, Premier women

Stacey Carr


Hack Cup, 1993

Most improved player, Premier women

Hannah Hill


HSOB/B Trophy (Donated by G. Cumberpatch), 1998

Commitment to “Div 1” men

Nick Tamblyn


Menon & Allen Trophy, 2002

Most valuable player “Div 1” men

Raj Bhana


Louie & Soss Trophy, 2005

Most improved player “Div 1” men

Hamish Finlay


Golden Stick

Most goals, Div 1 men

Raj Bhana (11)


Prav & Shaz Trophy, 2000

Most improved player, “Div 1” women

Emily Wium


Colleen Cameron Trophy, 1990

Most valuable player, ‘Div 1” women

Janine Topham


HSOB/B (Donated by Judy Phillips), 2002

 Most improved player. “Div 2” women

Kate Giddens


HSOB/B Trophy, 1998

Most valuable player, “Div 2”  women

Petra Manderson


Gwitha Shankland MVP 2009

Most valuable player, Div 4 women

Juila Newlands


Mary Deakins, MIP, 2009

Most improved player, Div 4 women

Natasha Nesbit


Doug Sloane Trophy, 2003

Most valuable player MWO men, Blue team

William Reeve


Ron Cummins Trophy, 2003

Most valuable player MWO men, White team

Steve Hume


Marty Condon Cup, 1983

Most improved player, Grass Grade

Andy Macintosh


HSOB/B Trophy, 1997

Most valuable player, HSOB 5 women

Julia Bretherton


HSOB/B H.C. Trophy, 1997

Most valuable player, “HSOB 6”  women

Emily Reynolds





Shane Wilson Memorial Trophy

Outstanding Grass Grade Support

Angie Simpson

Stuart Clements Memorial Cup, 1957

Services to club, off the field

Pete Neal

Stuthridge Mug, 1976

Highest number of goals, all grades

Sharon Harding (38)

HSOB H.C. Cup, 1985

Services to hockey, general

Kelvin Reid

Gamblin Cup, 1989

Club Personality

Grace Curtis

Mrs G M Blyth Memorial Trophy, 1993

Service to the club, on the field

Brine Styles


Ross Bailey Trophy, 1996

Men’s coach of the year

Mark Beatson


Tas Scott Trophy, 1996

Women’s coach of the year

Di Te Awa

Ralph van Ysselsteyn Memorial Trophy, 1998

Outstanding club supporter

Val Piesse


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